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We discover our best as team members and leaders when we invest time and energy in understanding ourselves and others and the impact we have on the world around us. A facilitator can help you do this most effectively — and that’s where I come in. Leaders bring me in because I will listen intently, notice, and sometimes say the hard things.  Moreover, I go out of my way to make sure they possess the confidence and resources to be successful without me.  
Below you will learn about me and the services I offer to individuals and companies.



For newly formed teams and teams with recently added members who want to operate effectively. Build rapport with colleagues and gain clarity on team goals and strategy. Identify areas for improvement as individuals and teams. (Minimum 15 Contact Hours with Team)

For teams who desire to inculcate a culture of constant feedback in environments where feedback has not been the cultural norm. Create a community of empathetic feedback seekers and feedback providers, leading to higher amounts of trust and commitment in the team.

SpeaKING ENGAGEMENTS: Small or Large Group

(3-4 HOURS)

(2-3 HOURS)

(2-3 HOURS)

(2-6 HOURS)

(2-5 HOURS)

1:1 Development Coaching

Focused on developing clients' leadership skills: problem solving, decision making, emotional intelligence, time management, team management, and more. (Minimum of 6 Sessions)

For those who have no idea where they want to go next, as well as those who have the exact idea of what they want to do but need a hand to get there. Includes career exploration exercises and conversations, resume and cover letter reviews, and interview preparation to stand out from other applicants. (Flat Rate or Hourly Sessions)


"I came to Bailey feeling a little lost in my professional life and unsure of what to do to gain clarity on what I wanted out of my career. My series of 1:1’s with Bailey helped me identify what my strengths are, what my values are, and what a career from tying those two together could look like. From there she helped me identify what my next steps should be and helped me create a plan for how to get there. I feel so much more confident in my path forward and am so grateful for the ability to have a more thoughtful approach to my career. I can’t recommend Bailey enough - I could not have done this without her!"
Marketing Manager

"Bailey gave me a few YEARS worth of clarity in just a few months -- get ready for rapid transformation."

"Bailey gave me a few YEARS worth of clarity in just a few months -- get ready for rapid transformation when you sign up (don't worry, the growing pains are GOOD!). Each of our sessions was solution-oriented and moved me forward with tools that gave me career-changing insight on everything from my values to the bigger picture of what I want to be true of my career at the end of my life. She also helped me get far enough 'outside' of myself to get to the bottom of the (conscious and subconscious) things holding me back from who I am ready to show up as in my business (and life!). I could not recommend her highly enough."
Founder, Copy/UX Writer,
"Bailey helped me take a team with very different personalities who had gotten off to a rough start together find their footing as a unit. She showed us how to appreciate our differences, get to know each other better, and engage in more productive meetings and conversations. We have far more trust in each other now, hold each other to a higher standard, and are less afraid of conflict. I hope we can continue to progress in this work on our own and with Bailey as needed."​
Executive Director, Texas A&M

"Bailey is unwavering in her commitment to set her clients up for success."

"I could not be more grateful for my time working with Bailey! Working in a job I felt overwhelmed and discontent in, Bailey provided strategies and resources to better discern where my strengths, desires, and values aligned. By completing a values validation and self reflection exercise, I was able to identify my values and how they are operationalized in my work life. After completing the Myers Briggs assessment, Bailey guided me through debriefing my results to understand my communication style, decision making style, and conflict style. The coaching and direction I received from Bailey helped me craft vision for my career, identify my long term goals, and implement practical steps to find purpose in your career. Bailey is unwavering in her commitment to set her clients up for success- I could not recommend working with her more!"
Account Mgr, Oracle

" an expert at diving into the human condition."

"When I first worked with Bailey Lenzen for both professional coaching and personal branding, I was just an unfocused student, with no real sense of career direction. But, even now, years later, I still refer to the work she helped me put together, when she guided me to look inwards in a meaningful way, probably for the first time. Bailey is not only an expert in the tools and readings that it takes to guide you through that process, but is an expert at diving into the human condition. She is the only guide you need in an increasingly loud professional landscape."
Marketing Campaign Mgr at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
"Bailey is a really good coach. Her approach is subtle but effective. She is very much 'as advertised'. Based on our initial consultation, she delivered. She challenges and pushes back when necessary. We got along well so I looked forward to our conversations. She made clear my longer term goals. At the beginning they were very murky but the reflective questions she sends in the post-session emails were very helpful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone."
Fortune 200 Bank

"Anyone would be lucky to be understood, challenged, and encouraged by her."

"When Bailey met with my FOCUS team to provide consultation on our team dysfunction, I was hesitant as to how the rest of my team would receive her expertise. Bailey came completely prepared to enter into the mess with an approachability that won over my entire team within minutes. Her guidance, questions, and facilitation created a clear path for the "what next" when preparing for team functionality. The input and personalized exercises and homework she gave to our team helped provide a bridge into considering team dynamics and how to work with others. Bailey is persistent and diligent in her understanding of what makes up the whole person. Anyone would be lucky to be understood, challenged, and encouraged by her."
FOCUS Team Member
"Bailey was exceptional in helping me customize a decision-making framework to navigate my career path. She asked thought-provoking questions and pushed me to identify my key values. I’m so thankful for her partnership and highly recommend her as a career coach!"
Finance, Google
“I engaged Bailey to speak to very specific demographic, college seniors, on ‘Hopes and Dreams.’ I was blown away by the amount of work she put into her presentation and how tailored it was to her audience. My students were very engaged, and many have reached out to Bailey for 1-on-1 mentoring. I hope to bring her back every year.”
Ministry Director

"I really appreciate the confidence she gave me to help me stand up for myself and my career."

"Spending multiple sessions with Bailey helped me focus more seriously on my goals and my career. Bailey was great at getting me thinking about my future and providing concrete steps and resources in order for me to build a plan for myself. The most helpful aspect to me was our last session when she really coached me through what a conversation with my company about a promotion could look like, and I really appreciate the confidence she gave me to help me stand up for myself and my career."
Marketing Manager
"Bailey helped my team and me grow closer to one another throughout our team building process, ultimately, helping us to work better together and increase productivity. Bailey really challenged us with activities and assignments; the process wasn’t an easy one, but it was completely worth it. Bailey also helped me set personal and professional goals. She listened to what I was seeking and helped me better define what I want and create a doable outline/timeline. I am so grateful for Bailey and her outstanding work!"
Program Coordinator, Texas A&M

"Bailey is an active listener who eats, sleeps, and breathes career and personal development."

"In a series of one-on-one career coaching sessions, Bailey did a fantastic job of blending pre-session reading and reflection exercises with conversations that targeted the root of my career development goals. Bailey is an active listener who eats, sleeps, and breathes career and personal development, so she has a huge store of knowledge handy in order to recommend books, authors, and reflection activities that address personal and organization growth. I would highly recommend Bailey to anyone who is experiencing frustrations or uncertainty in their career or professional path."
Asst. Director, University of Notre Dame

Need-to-Know: My Background

  • Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation 
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner
  • Hudson Certified Internal Coach, Texas A&M University
  • Taught Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in Team and Leadership Development and Career Exploration at Texas A&M’s Mays Business School 
  • Facilitates retreats for nonprofits, higher education institutions, and college students for a decade
  • Texas A&M Business Undergraduate Degree
  • University of Texas at Austin Master’s Degree
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